Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Travel Tuesday: USA Roadtrip #1 "To the falls, to the falls"

First of all, an apology for my recent lack of blogging. Going back to work and getting back into the swing of 9-5 life has taken it's toll on me and as a result, my blog has severely suffered. Although I've missed it, it's been nice to have a break and refresh my blogging flair. Since my absence, the blogging part of my brain has become a little defunct and I struggled of what to post first, but as it's a Tuesday, I decided to dive straight back in and resume my Travel Tuesday series, so here you have it...

Two of my best chummies Esther and Caitlin flew out to the USA to do Camp America, something I've considered but due to work commitments have never been able to bite the bullet. On the 19th August 2012 after the girls had finished camp, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the real world as I packed my bags and flew out to meet them to begin our east coast adventure. Being a nervous flyer anyway, flying solo for the duration of a 7 hour flight was a little distressing but the following three weeks were awe-inspiring to say the least. First stop... Niagara Falls.

After surviving a 7 hour flight, the scariest three hour stop at Port Authority bus station in NYC, being slept on by a snoring man for 7 hours and further 1 hour bus journey later, and three months of living without my two girls, we shared a special moment of jet lagged reunion on the streets of buffalo at 6 in the morning. The beginning of our east coast adventure.

The girls took me back to the Hostel, and I cat napped whilst they showered, ate breakfast and so forth. Being exhausted and excited at the same time has to be one of the weirdest feelings I've ever encountered, but nevertheless I donned my backpack and we tootled down to the Falls. I was continually dumbfounded by the breathtaking views from the 'Three Sisters Islands' and I knew the best was yet to come. Prior to my trip to the falls, I had no idea of what to expect, other than the classic Bruce Almighty scene on the Maiden of the Mist, so actually being there was like a dream. 

You think you've seen it all until you've decked yourself out in the oh-so-famous blue ponchos and you stand onboard the Maiden of the Mist, words fail me as I sit here and try to describe what I saw that day and I don't even think the following picture does it justice. This natural phenomena blew my little brains.

Have any of you guys ever been here?


  1. Really want to go on a road trip in America x


  2. These are such beautiful pictures! :) xx


  3. I had planned to move to Canada for 12 months, about this time last year, and not having the chance to take a trip to Niagra Falls is definitely one of the worst things about not going. It looks so beautiful! Can't wait to hear more about your trip :)