Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pre-departure Chit Chat

If you follow any of my social media platforms, you'll most definitely be sick of hearing me blabber on about my upcoming summer in the states (37 DAYS!) which, luckily for you means there's only 37 days left of me Tweeting and Facebooking endless updates and photos, and not very interesting anecdotes about visa's and all the other mundane things that you have to be a grown up about in order to actually be let into the states.

Endless lists are being written, bank accounts are being emptied, phone calls are being made and the chime of the Facebook messenger alert has become a sound I am now very well acquainted with as I start to communicate with my new American family.  Preparations are well and truly in full swing. I now have to sleep with a pen and notebook next to my bed as I wake up at 2:03AM thinking of things I need to pack, or questions I need to ask. It's madness. So this morning, I sat down and conquered the ever-growing list.

My emotions daily oscillate from an overly-excited 6 year old girl in Disneyland to a timid 11 year old on their first day of "big school", entering a whole new world full of new people and adventures, and it's an overwhelming feeling I honestly can't describe. I haven't even began to think about how I'll feel saying fair wells to friends and family for the last time for 3 whole months. Sure, I'll have a few hours spare here and there at Camp potentially reserved to Skype home, but that doesn't make the amount of miles between me and my loved ones any smaller.

Finishing Camp and leaving my American family behind is already a thought that makes me feel a little downcast. So this month, my sister made a radical decision to fly out and join me in making the most of my remaining visa time.

Pre-warning: this next paragraph may cause extreme jealousy

Leah flies in to Orlando towards the end of August, where I'll meet her, we'll collect our hire car and drive down to our beachfront apartment in Miami. From there we'll spend a couple of days mooching around Miami Beach and a day driving down to the Keys and back. After 5 nights in Miami we jet to Washington, DC to one of my favourite ever hostels - Duo Hostel. 2 days of museums and chilling with Obama before we then embark on Leah's first long haul bus journey from DC to Buffalo to see the falls, before finally finishing in NYC for a 4 day all-you-can-shop fest. Words cannot describe my excitement.

Now just a matter of 19 working days left...

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