Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Working at a Summer Camp

As most of the world probably know by now, I spent Summer 2014 working on a Summer Camp in North Carolina, and I just can't stop talking about it. I'm pretty sure you're all sick of hearing me talk about anything camp related by now, but here's one last post. My Camp America story. In September of 2013, I found myself applying to Camp America, I didn't even think of the implications of what would happen if I was successful and actually got placed. Nevertheless, everything fell in to place (if you want to read my earlier posts about the process, you can read them here and here) and on the 23rd of May I packed up my life in a suitcase and boarded several planes before arriving at Camp Tekoa.

Undoubtedly the best summer I've ever had. So good that just a few days after I arrived home, I found myself already in the process of applying to Camp America as a returner. If you're looking for something new to dip your toes in, and quite like the idea of spending a Summer in the USA, I highly recommend applying for the CA programme. Camp is a place where people you've known for a few days become the people you can't imagine living your life without. Every time I see somebody from Camp posting on Facebook, my heart aches a little with how much I miss being back there. It's also a great conversation starter in interviews and it's definitely a little gem to add to those CV's of yours. Trust me, I've recently had an interview where they were so interested, they wanted to apply. It's also an opportunity to develop some keys skills for the working world; team work and communication just to name a few. But it really does make you shine.

There literally are camps for everything. Equestrian camps, gymnastic camps, band camps (yes, they're a real thing) christian camps, tennis camps, surf camps, the list is endless. Each camp is individual and no two camps will be the same, some camps will have campers for 9 week stretches, whereas other camps will simply be day camps. The varieties are endless.

Camp is a great excuse not only to make new friends and incredible memories, but to explore more of the states, and probably places that you'd never have thought to travel to. Live like an american, cheer on a local team at a baseball match, shop in the mall, and travel in the bed of pickup trucks. Honestly, I can't recommend this programme more.

If you're interested, head over to to find out more. I promise you won't regret it. I couldn't speak more highly of the staff at Camp America, from the information sessions right up until your fly date, and even when you return home. Always on hand, and they've all been councillors too, so they really know what it's like!

You can also view my highlights from my trip here

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  1. Hiya i'm thinking about doing Camp America in 2016, as I will be 18 then however I feel like I would be considered too young at the camp, was there many 18 year olds when you did it?